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Characteristic of the Jikei University School of Medicine urology department

 The Jikei University School of Medicine urology department is Department with the history most in our country which reached opening of a course 90. According to the signature, "we examine sick person without examining disease" which is mind itself of-based study of the Jikei University School of Medicine, we aim at upbringing of patient-oriented clinician. In addition, big game of our urology department is "globalization, establishment of internationality". As for medical office registered person, inside and outside the study and Miyazaki Medical Coll., Jichiidai, Hirosaki Univ., Yamagata Univ., Tokyo Medical Univ., Iwate Med. Univ., Osaka Med. Col., Nagasaki Univ., Showa Univ., Chiba Univ., St. Marianna Univ. School of Medicine, Niigata Univ., Toho Univ., Hamamatsu Univ. School of Medicine, Kyoto Pref. Univ. Med., Tokai Univ., person from much The Jikei University such as Kobe University play an active part widely.

 A lot of young medical staffs meet six medical staffs every year for these past two years. Distribution of school year is as follows. We show ability as adaptable fighting potential after the entrance at each hospital. In addition, disease of man is main, and, as for the urology department, a lot of doctors of man are apt to be thought that there are few doctors of woman, but four woman doctors are registered. Of course there are many scenes where woman doctor can play an active part, but, for woman urologic disease, plays an active part in many aspects like male physician. Finally results at the time of at the time of graduation or the initial training do not matter at all. It is motivation after the latter term training begins that is important. The Jikei University School of Medicine urology department wants to support your motivation to the maximum.

Challenge to globalization

 We aim at urology department Department sending information to the world without staying in our country. We raise Department to have you attend at American urology department society (AUA), many overseas societies including European urology department society (EAU) since young Senior resident positively and support. Senior resident of 2 to 5 persons participates in each overseas congress every year by all means. In addition, we invite well-known urologist in Jikei three times a year from foreign countries and hold lecture and deepen interchange with foreign countries.

Play well, and learn well; ... A lot of fun in TOKYO!

 Tokyo is the place of dispatch of every information of our country. There is Jikei in the center of Tokyo. We can overlook Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge from sickroom, and bell of turf Zojo-ji Temple which is adjacent if it is 5:00 in the evening echoes. "We learn well, and play well!" and is another catch phrase of the ga Jikei University School of Medicine urology department. Point that flocks after finishing work is small witty dining bar of Azabujuban and Roppongi, and there is five in substantial after when jostling Suntory hall, the Jikei neighborhood including musical of a lot of others can never experience superb musician of foreign countries in district if we like Ginza and Shibuya, jazz for shopping if it is celebrity jazz spot of Roppongi and Akasaka, classical music fan.

 We call Senior resident of 3 years specialized acquirement course (resident) after the initial clinical training in the Jikei University School of Medicine. Salary is paid according to rule of The Jikei University (as for the details this). We arrange daily business trip (study day) in The Jikei University and get ready to back up sufficiently economically.

Please see arrival aim (pdf file) that Japanese urology department society established about small contents of latter term training system. Japanese urology department society prescribes the latter term training for four years. We set the following plans to achieve these arrival target at the Jikei University School of Medicine urology department. For more details, please see acquirement course program specialized in the urology department.

In addition, we look at mirror for system peculiar to the Jikei University School of Medicine, and there is lower operation training course. Skill up is possible in class that there is training center of endoscopic operation in The Jikei University, and is periodical. And which we establish three steppes depending on skill and examine and passed can perform endoscopic operation in attachment Hospital. Though we acquire specialist of urinary organ laparoscope technology authorization system which Japanese urinary organ endoscope society established, this system is advantageous.

The first year
We learn minor operation and basic measures and participate in assistant of major surgery. We learn the basic management in ward. We learn interview necessary for outpatient clinic and receive training by basic maneuver.
2-3 years eye
We act as the first assistant of major surgery. We give precise diagnosis by outpatient clinic and make treatment plan. We are dispatched in other affiliated hospitals for around one year at this time and there are many various cases and will experience. Resident of the Jikei University School of Medicine is finished here.
The fourth year
We are the last year of latter term training system of Japanese urology department society. We become chief resident of The Jikei University Hospital as the ward chief physician. Major surgery becomes specialist in performance of an operation to specialist in instruction. We take an entrance examination for specialist in Japanese urology department society examination after the latter term training.

We think that hope to say to become urologist what kind of doctor varies by individual doctors. For example, there are researcher, hospital doctor, various courses including medical practitioner. In addition, we think so that there is when we are interested in specific specialty domain that wants to specialize in prostate cancer in the urology department. We support the maximum to be able to meet such an a variety of needs in our Department.

We encourage studying abroad to domestic and foreign partner facilities after the latter term training and aim at foreign student dispatch of around five people per single age. Two people study in four people, Canada in the United States in five years, and study contents of studying abroad are diversity such as urology department pathology, regenerative medicine, gene therapy recently, too. We should be one-year dispatch to facilities where specialty including basic hospital in cancer center was specialized in as needed after chief resident in the country.

Research theme

The following research projects are changing in our Department now.

  1. Examination of 1) prostate cancer specific proteome expression. Search of new tumor marker.
  2. Examination of proteome expression in 2) urothelium malignant tumors.
  3. Basic examination of gene therapy for 3) urinary organ cancers.
  4. Examination of regenerative medicine in 4) urologic disease.
  5. Examination of renal cell carcinoma prognostic factor by 5) tesshuarei method.
  6. Examination about recurrence of bladder cancer by 6) tesshuarei method.
  7. Examination of supporting endocrine therapy effect in small source eternal insertion therapy on 7) prostate cancer.
  8. Pathophysiological elucidation of 8) micturition, urinary incontinence and examination about cure.
  9. Examination of intratumoral hormone concentration in 9) Pre Cushing syndrome.
  10. 10) Examination of urinary bacterial quick chemical sensitivity using oxygen electrode.
  11. 11) Epidemiological examination of chronic prostatitis.

Please enter a school of higher grade after the latter term training. Study abroad is included other than the curriculum of graduate school, too.
It is finished in four years and submits thesis, and doctor of medicine is conferred. Studying abroad in these 5 years is as follows.

  1. 1. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University (Boston, USA)
  2. 2. David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA (Los Angels, USA)
  3. 3. University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, USA)
  4. 4. The Prostate Centre, Vancouver General Hospital, University of British Colombia (Vancouver, Canada)
  5. 5. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (Bethesda, USA)

  1. There is hospital attached to 4 horns in the Jikei University School of Medicine
  2. 1. The Jikei University Hospital (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  3. 2. The Jikei University Katsushika Medical Center (Katsushika-ku, Tokyo)
  4. 3. The Jikei University Daisan Hospital (Komae-shi, Tokyo)
  5. 4. The Jikei University Kashiwa Hospital (Kashiwa-shi, Chiba)
    The Jikei University-related dispatch facilities except affiliated hospital are 12 following hospitals and are all the local nucleus hospital.
  6. 1. JR Tokyo General Hospital (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
  7. 2. Tokyo rehabilitation hospital (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
  8. 3. Machida Municipal Hospital (Machida-shi, Tokyo)
  9. 4. Tokyu Hospital (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
  10. 5. Atsugi Municipal Hospital (Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa)
  11. 6. Fuji City central hospital (Fuji-shi, Shizuoka)
  12. 7. Saitama Northern Medical Center (Saitama-shi, Saitama)
  13. 8. The Kosei Hospital (Nakano-ku, Tokyo)
  14. 9. Ota General Hospital (Kawasaki-shi, Tokyo)
  15. 10. National Center for Children Health and Development (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
  16. 11. Hikarigaoka, Nerima Hospital (Nerima-ku, Tokyo)
  17. 12. Kudanzaka Hospital (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

We hold medical office briefing session.

We hold specialized acquisition course (resident) adoption medical office briefing session in 2019.
●It is the eighth floor of The Jikei University Building No. 2 urology department medical office from 18:30 on the first Thursday, July 5
●It is the eighth floor of The Jikei University Building No. 2 urology department medical office from 19:30 on the second Thursday, August 9

One where participation is hoped for as we accept visit to facilities at any time,
Head of medical office Koike Please contact Yusuke.
Telephone 03-3433-1111, extension 3561-2, email:

About adoption, please refer to homepage of Jikei The Jikei University about more detailed information.

1. The number of the recruiters Eight people
2. Offer period From Monday, July 2 to Friday, August 31
3. Qualifications We completed the initial clinic training for 2 years after thing that initial clinical training completion had a possibility or the doctor qualification in the end of March, 2019
4. Application procedure ■ Reception desk
  〒105-8471 3-19-18, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  Educational foundation Jikei The Jikei University teacher, doctor personnel affairs preparations room
Phone, 03-3433-1111 (extension number 2116)
■ Presentation documents
  (1) Adoption application (designated format)
  (2) Resume (designated format)
  (3) Doctor driver's license (copying) ※We reduce to A4 size
  (4) Initial clinical training certificate and clinical training completion registration document (copying) or certificate which includes initial clinical training Osamu intention
  (5) Certificate of native place The Jikei University
  (6) Transcript during native place The Jikei University attendance at school
  (7) Letter of recommendation (designated format)
   ※Recommendation by one person in charge (Clinical Director or medical treatment director) of study department
   ※Submit adoption application, resume, letter of recommendation by the next format of this hospital designation.
5. Selection day In the case of a lot of applicants, we carry out employment examination at the urology department in period of from September 1 to September 30 (primary selection)
Saturday, October 13 first hospital employment examination (the second selection)
Saturday, November 10 second hospital employment examination
6. Briefing session, schedule It is the eighth floor of The Jikei University Building No. 2 urology department medical office from 18:30 on the first Thursday, July 5
  It is the eighth floor of The Jikei University Building No. 2 urology department medical office from 19:30 on the second Thursday, August 9
  As we accept visit to facilities at any time, person that participation is hoped for, please contact head of medical office Yusuke Koike.
  (telephone 03-3433-1111, extension 3561-2, email:
  Furthermore, about detailed information, please refer to homepage of Jikei The Jikei University.

How is atmosphere of medical office?

Naturally member of society includes well-controlled top and bottom relations, but thinks that it is friendly medical office. It is medical office which thinks with atmosphere that it is easy to talk about without senior younger student relations together, and can arrive at conclusion.

What happens to education system?

We will work as urologist official together when adopted in The Jikei University as Senior resident. As the details are written on page of Senior resident offer, please refer to. We will learn maneuver, medical examination of the urology department through normal business routine basically during three years while seeing Dr. senior.

What kind of duties system do you work with?

Not chief physician system and team system, we go with style to examine patient of all the members in the staff of all the members. We cooperate while asking instructions with chief resident, senior of role of leader called subchief resident in The Jikei University Hospital in particular and will work.

How many times is duty?

Duty in The Jikei University is almost four times (three times of weekdays, Sunday one time) for one month. We change by the number of staff to some extent.

How is society participation?

We participate in Japanese urology department society, Japan Society of Clinical Oncology, Japanese urinary organ endoscope society, society of, in addition, own field that is interested positively in the country and will announce. In addition, we recommend participation of international societies such as American urology department society (AUA) or European urology department society (EAU) positively since we were young. Naturally it is splendid to announce by oneself, but it is thinking that it is in preparation for in the future own international presentation at the meeting we go together to seniors without announcement, and to fit atmosphere of international society.

Can even woman doctor get along?

Man and woman does not matter in particular if there is feeling "that we want to try hard as urologist!". It may not be said that you must do field of the woman urinary organ just because of woman. There are four woman doctors now in our medical office. We think that it is easy to talk about there being woman with senior.

In the urology department specialized field
Are you divided?

We do not recommend that we decide specialized field and do only it while it is Senior resident. It is thought that it is good to decide specialized field after understanding all fields of the urology department widely.

Is there affiliated hospital?
Is there dispatch to affiliated hospital, too?

Hospital dispatched as well as affiliated 4 hospital by medical office has 10 facilities in the suburbs of Tokyo. Characteristic of the hospital is in each hospital. While we are young, various hospitals can experience various medical care by doing periodical movement. In addition, it is thought that we are connected for growth as urologist of oneself next by learning a lot of teacher and work of specialist in upper grade of the hospital.

After five?

If normal business routine is over, it is free afterward. Whether doing one's work in medical office and laboratory or going out into night town is up to you Thing and relaxation living a well-modulated life are necessary to spend every day in severe field called medical care.

It is Fukuoka-ya who entered the Jikei University School of Medicine urology department in 2017.
Speaking of the urology department, we think that the world is generally strong in image such as specialist in pee trouble. Cannot deny that there is a real such aspect, but domain specialized as for the urology department from tumor urination disorder, Reproduction, sex function, dialysis perform not only medical treatment but also operation as the cure again very widely and are multi-player of medical treatment, treatment. In addition, seniors of Jikei are spirited, and teachers with vitality work at all a lot so many in good environment of atmosphere so that urologist is named "happy surgeons" in Europe and America.
In addition, environment good is in-hospital dakedehaarimasen. Town, Ginza, Azabujuban, Roppongi with vitality let us make happy brightly if we go to visit a little.
At well-controlled this hospital urology department to learn well, and to be idle well, let's work with us together by all means.

I was born and raised in district, and The Jikei University walked career to do not have much Jikei University School of Medicine in district, too.
We learned charm for personality of teachers of specialist in instruction of the urology department that we came across, various maneuvers, and both clinic and study decided the urology department in The Jikei University in the training widely both in the latter period when we wanted to study, but they would do where or could not decide entrance ahead till then. There was relationship of person by chance and it was frank and contacted with the urology department of the Jikei University School of Medicine once to place that we were here to observe, teachers on from young teachers and felt atmosphere that it was said to cooperate together while being large family, and to work and progressed to enter.
We still often cause seniors nuisance in state at a complete loss, but we have you teach carefully each time and feel that it was good to enter the Jikei University School of Medicine urology department.

Nice to meet you, it is Keiichiro Miyajima who entered the urology department in specialist in Jikei university graduate, 2017 in 2015.
We were interested in the field of urology department since the days of student and, since the age of student training, were taken care of by teachers of the urology department. We go over to the United States during training, and it is stimulation that it is very good for to have observed laboratory of studying abroad. In addition, we participate in urology department congress in the United States at the age of resident and are impressed with announced teachers, and the brave figure still flashes across the mind.
In this way, overseas laboratory visit and participation of foreign countries society are possible if our department is very prosperous academically, and there is request since the days of student, resident. In addition, 1-2 medical staffs are dispatched about studying abroad in year. If there is feeling that we want to make life abroad that wants to study abroad to want to study, our department is very attractive.
In addition, teacher of our department is very warm as other teachers say, and atmosphere of medical office is the best only in good taking care. Please come for visit if you can be interested even a little!

It is Keigo Sakanaka of Tokai university graduate in 2014. We finish the initial training in Jikei University School of Medicine The Jikei University Hospital and work in The Jikei University Hospital as Senior resident from April through September from The Jikei University Katsushika Medical Center, October. As for the urology department, renal transplant, dysuria, urinary tract infection, Urinary stone, endocrine disease, infertility treatment, children uropathy and field to treat last for many divergences as well as malignant tumor including prostate cancer. Therefore operation method is very abundant, and there are bladder prolapse which is the woman urinary organ and TVM-A, LSC to prolapse of uterus, TOT to stress urinary incontinence, skill in water pressure expansion to cystitis interstitial including laparoscopic surgery for urology department cancer. I was interested in field of a wide variety of urology departments in this way, and I came to enter. The latter term training is carried out mainly in The Jikei University Hospital and branch hospital (The Jikei University Daisan Hospital, The Jikei University Kashiwa Hospital, The Jikei University Katsushika Medical Center) of the Jikei University School of Medicine. The highest medical care is adopted in The Jikei University Hospital quickly. Number of cases of prostate cancer in particular is the best among the whole country, and brachytherapy and HDR are performed as well as operation flourishingly. Cryogenic surgery was introduced recently, too. It is local core Hospital whom there is more than 500 beds, and what can learn high treatment with general medical treatment knowledge, technique features each branch hospital.
The urology department of Jikei is not alienated just because of other university graduates business, and atmosphere between doctors is very good, and vertical connection with senior medicine is close.
Of course, this environment that it is sincere, and Professor hears voice of resident and takes is enriched by study very much every day.
However, degassing is necessary, too. There is The Jikei University Hospital in Minato-ku, and Roppongi, Azabujuban, Ginza are striking distance. Stress that piled up can dissolve immediately. sho
The Jikei University School of Medicine urology department includes charm that we cannot convey by words.
You work with us by all means, and do you not see?

Nice to meet you.
The Jikei University School of Medicine graduates, and they are Sotaro Kayano which receives training at other hospitals, and would enter the urology department of Jikei.
We spend substantial days although being busy.
As we think that it is course which does not appeal, we introduce that the urology department does not turn around a little.
We go over to malignant tumor, transplant, urinary tract disorder, infectious disease, calculus, infertility, many divergences including male menopause that included prostate cancer. In addition, as manual skill, open surgery, laparoscope, robot, radiation, cystoscope vary. I was interested in a wide variety of urology departments in this way, and I came to enter.
Atmosphere between doctors is very good while being active very academically, and we well learn, and the urology department of Jikei works in play buo motto every day well.
You work with us by all means, and do you not see?

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