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Toward the medical personnel

  • By bladder cancer operation, we make ileal new bladder for the first time in the world,
    We invited globally very famous Prof.Studer and performed lecture.

  • Lecture of Prof.Studer of Swiss Bern The Jikei University was held by sponsorship of The Jikei University School of Medicine urology department on Monday, January 22, 2018. Prof.Studer develops the maneuver of the substitutional urinary bladder using ileum after the bladder total extirpation for the bladder cancer ahead of the world, and the maneuver is followed to this day by the name of Studer pouch. In globally very well-known teachers, it is urologist that it may be said that it is right LEGEND. This lecture named MEET THE LEGEND was performed in F ridge clinic hall which was one of the oldest halls which existed in hall of the Jikei University School of Medicine. It became the first heavy snow in 4 years in Tokyo and had you participate in many teachers including teacher of the Jikei University School of Medicine urology department though both road and railroad were tumultuous unfortunate weather. At first, ahead of Lecture, we performed case discussion about case in this hospital led by Mr. Ito of resident in urology department medical office. It exchanged LEGEND and discussion to talk very much, and your opinion was given about more valuable clinical experience, and it was in very significant meeting.

    We moved to F ridge clinic hall and at first general Lecture "Revisit of Pelvic Node Dissection in Prostate Cancer" by The Jikei University Kashiwa Hospital Jun Miki Associate Professor was performed and heard Prof.Studer with fascination and was asked lively.

    We followed, and special Lecture "How to do a nerve sparing cystoprostatectomy" by Prof.Studer was performed. With video, we gave a lecture very clearly, and it was very valuable experience for teacher of young resident. Finally we took a picture with all the participants, and lecture became the end.

    It is that it is very precious for our department to be given a lecture in the Jikei University School of Medicine and teacher of such LEGEND is honor very much this time. In spite of heavy snow, significant thing does not need to say for teachers who participated either. We want to give will of thanks to Prof.Studer which performed oral narration some other time.

    It is given a lecture in the Prof.Studer Jikei University School of Medicine

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