The Jikei University School of Medicine urology department


About prostate cancer cryogenic surgery

The results only in the country

We give only prostate cancer cryogenic surgery in the country. Currently, we intend only for patient in acknowledgment of recurrence in local site (the prostate) after radiation therapy.


Prostate cancer cryogenic surgery stings paracentesis needle several near the tumor part from perineum (between scrotum and anus) of patient and we inject argon gas for freeze and perform. We cool cancer cell to -40 degrees for 10-15 minutes and destroy cell membrane and deaden. We lead gas of helium for thawing and do if we confirm necrosis of cancer cell and are cure to prevent normal cell of the neighborhood from necrotizing.

The future of freeze treatment

Currently, five treatment is provided and can confirm safety and the effectiveness. We are going to go as advanced medical care in future. Please contact urology department outpatient for the details.

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