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Blood is mixed in urine

[1] When red urine flows judging from eye
We say frank haematuria and appear for cystitis, urolithiasis, urinary tract tumor. Because it is often cystitis when it is painful, at first I recommend what is talked about with a family doctor after urination (please refer to " Before consulting"). When it entails pain of waist, urolithiasis is doubted. X-ray examination and sonography are necessary, but please refer to "it is before it takes" as there is not often emergency without being upset. When hematuria comes out without symptom, it may be serious signatures such as bladder cancer or renal pelvis ureteral neoplasm of illness. Please receive the urology department early.

[2] When it was said to be hematuria by medical examination
Generally, we perform examination of urine occult blood reaction with test tape (inspection to soak filter paper, and to diagnose) by medical examination. It is simple and easy, but on the other hand may actually judge examination with test tape to be abnormal to urine which blood is not mixed in. At first we have you reexamine by method (called urinary sediment (nyochinsa)) to actually inspect urine with microscope in family doctors and recommend what we confirm whether it is true hematuria. If it is confirmed that hematuria comes out with urinary sediment (microhematuria means this), please receive the urology department for cause close inspection.

Inflammation and enlargement may be taking place to the prostate. At first please attach the following check lists (international prostatic symptom score: IPSS). When total score is more than 7, and treatment is necessary benign prostatic hyperplasia, reason is more than 20, and operation is required. When you apply to, please receive the urology department.

We download check list
International prostatic symptom score: IPSS

3.PSA was said to be high

People whom blood test item called PSA has abnormal value pointed out by increase in examination of multiphasic health screening and the local government. PSA is used as tumor marker of prostate cancer by abbreviation of prostate-specific antigen (Prostate Specific Antigen). As you are suspected to have prostate cancer, at first please receive the urology department.

4.When, in men, climacteric symptoms and ED symptom such as having become nervous that became fatigable, postoperative urinary incontinence of the prostate are not cured recently

We establish (man) health care outpatient department in this hospital and give diagnosis of menopausal disorders (LOH syndrome: late onset hypogonadism) and erectile dysfunction (ED: erectile dysfunction) of man and treatment. In addition, for prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia postoperative intractable urinary incontinence, it enforces individual guidance of pelvic floor muscle exercises and artificial urethral sphincter implantation operation. Please consult about trouble for the symptom mentioned above by all means. Male health care outpatient is this

5.When we feel like anything comes out than vagina when it is in the evening when I feel that urine collects in women anytime, and urine leaks in restroom for cough or sneezing to go immediately frequently

We approach positively from various areas in order to establish (woman) health care outpatient department in this hospital, and to remove pain of patient for intractable disease called cystitis interstitial that diagnostic method and cure do not yet establish. In addition, for urinary incontinence that is common in women and pelvic organ prolapse (disease that bladder, the uterus, rectum fall to vagina), we perform skill in individual guidance of pelvic floor muscle exercises and restoration using mesh. Woman health care outpatient is this

6.We repeat urinary tract infection leaking urine and convenience said to be spina bifida well

Urination, dyschezia, urinary tract infection are often detected in child of spina bifida. We make Pediatric urology in The Jikei University School of Medicine urology department (The Jikei University Hospital) in mother and the child center and perform group medical examination by specialist while cooperating with Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Department of Pediatric Surgery (spina bifida group medical treatment). Please receive child repeating spina bifida, dysuria, urinary tract infection by all means. Pediatric urology is this

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