The Jikei University School of Medicine urology department


Before consulting

1.Person who wants second opinion

We call that you buy opinion of doctor of other facilities though diagnosis is given in your facilities, and treatment strategy was shown second opinion. We establish second opinion outpatient department in the Jikei University School of Medicine to spend time relaxedly, and to be able to receive second opinion. As you perform all by reservation, please contact Jikei University School of Medicine medical care cooperation room (03-5400-1202).
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2.Person who has letter of invitation of your family doctor

Even the person who does not have a letter of introduction can suffer from Jikei University, but if you already consult other medical institution we recommends that they have a letter of introduction prepare. It is useful for treatment after letter of introduction had you hang over our department very much, and this is because the fee charged for a patient's first visit of one having letter of introduction becomes more inexpensive than which you do not have.

3.Treatment regimens of 4 hospitals attached to the Jikei University School of Medicine are different.

There is hospital attached to 4 horns in the Jikei University School of Medicine, but treatment regimen is a little different in the same urology department from each local specialty. Therefore, treatment you like may not be received. As you show difference of main treatment regimen on the face, please be careful.

The Jikei University Hospital Katsushika medical care
The Jikei University Daisan Hospital The Jikei University Kashiwa Hospital
Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy X
Female Urology X X X
Urinary stone treatment by laser X
Cryosurgery for renal cancer X X X
Pediatric urology X X X

4.Brachytherapy for the prostate cancer

Brachytherapy for prostate cancer has fewer burdens of body than surgical remedy and in late years attracts attention again because there are fewer side effects than endocrine therapy. One where brachytherapy is hoped for, and our department is received increases. Only one meeting the following conditions is for brachytherapy and recommends that we have teacher of the chief physician confirm before suffering from our department as it is not possible for other.

When property of cancer is quiet by pathological examination
There is what's called Gleason Score technically. There is this Gleason Score to 2-10 points, and it is revealed that it is quiet cancer so that score is low. Brachytherapy is recommended to person with less than of these seven points of Gleason score, but consultation takes more than eight points.
When cancer is contained in the prostate
Prostate cancer grows big and grows to the outside of the prostate and does not perform when there is metastasis on the periprostatic lymphatic gland and rib.

5.When it is disease without emergency

You become inconvenient for the night suddenly, and which hangs over hospital in a hurry comes, but please do the at first following measures before suffering in the following cases.

When it is symptom such as cystitis
Symptom that urine with feeling that urine still remains after having done urine with pain when we did urine is near is symptom of typical cystitis. At first please take a lot of water without being upset when symptom occurs in the night. If it is juice, water except alcohol including tea, anything is fine. In this way, it can wash away bacteria which urinary quantity increases, and settled down in bladder. In addition, symptom softens when we warm the abdominal region. And we think that it is convenient to have family doctor of neighborhood appear after it dawned. Treatment of cystitis is because it is the almost same everywhere in the whole country.
When it is pain of Urinary stone
Urinary stone is common disease that 11% of Japanese experience once for life. 60% and thing that it is easy to repeat feature rate of recurrence of experienced one once in ten years. We recommend that at first we put suppository of painkiller and warm stomach when similar pain is angry in one where Urinary stone was already experienced. As for most, pain becomes comfortable in approximately 30 minutes when we soak in hot water after collecting hot water in bath when you come to home, and putting suppository. Therefore, what we have you prescribe suppository of painkiller from okakarino teacher and save in refrigerator is important when Urinary stone is experienced.

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